Quickly set up remote session via HelpDesk directly within ServiceNow console

RemotePC HelpDesk has now integrated with ServiceNow. You can now quickly initiate a remote support session to your customer's computer and diagnose the issues and resolve them directly from the ServiceNow console.

Key Features

  • On-demand remote support for your customers, unlimited remote sessions.
  • Access customers PC or Mac from any web browser to support them in the most suitable way and deliver seamless experiences.
  • File transfer, video/text chat, whiteboard, session recording, and more.
  • Private remote sessions secured with TLS v 1.2 / AES - 256 bit encryption.

Use the RemotePC HelpDesk app in the ServiceNow console for free and allow your technicians to establish a remote support session with your customer's computer from within the ServiceNow platform.

Avail RemotePC HelpDesk remote support solution including near-real-time screen replication and let your technicians deliver effective support to your end-users. This RemotePC ServiceNow integration enables you to merge the ServiceNow Service Management platform with HelpDesk for rendering timely customer support.

Quickly launch a remote support session directly from a ServiceNow incident. Share a session link with the customers to communicate with them in real-time. Access or view the customer's computer to analyze and resolve their issues remotely.

Learn how to install and configure HelpDesk within ServiceNow