What is RDP?

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a communications protocol developed by Microsoft for accessing computers remotely. Currently, it is a popular choice of remote access protocol, preferred over Computing Architecture (ICA) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC). RDP is available for most Windows operating systems and can also be used with Mac operating systems.

What does remote desktop mean?

Remote desktop refers to software or a feature that enables you to connect with your remote computers using your local computer. It lets you access and control your remote computers over the internet as if you are sitting right in front of it. Your confidential files and networks are readily available at your fingertips to enhance your remote working experience.

How does RDP work?

RDP enables you to connect and access RDP-based remote computers from anywhere. A common example is accessing your office computer from your personal computer or laptop. RDP transmits screen information from the remote computer to your local computer and mouse and keyboard inputs from local to your remote computer.

Communications between the remote and local computer are done via a dedicated network channel that carries data and information. RDP uses network port 3389 for this purpose. It encrypts data that ensures connections over the public Internet/Wi-Fi are secure and protected.

What is Remote Desktop by IDrive?

Remote Desktop by IDrive is a remote access solution that provides fast and cost-effective remote access to your RDP-based computers and servers. You can easily connect to your Windows computers and servers from anywhere at any time while avoiding complex configurations and costly maintenance involved with Microsoft RD Gateway and VPN.

Remote Desktop lets you establish secure and uninterrupted connections with your remote Windows computers / servers in just three steps:


1. Deploy the Remote Desktop agent on the computers and servers you wish to remotely access.


2. Enable remote access of the computers via the agent software and grant permission for remote access.


3. Install the Remote Desktop viewer on your local Windows computer to access the added computers. Alternatively, access via web, Mac or mobile device.

Benefits of using Remote Desktop by IDrive

  • Fast remote desktop access
  • Remote Desktop optimizes RDP-based access, enabling fast access. What this means is, for most locations, the RDP connections may allow nearly 60 Frame Per Second (FPS), making gaming, 3D designs, and related remote access possible.

  • Alternative to Microsoft RD Gateway
  • Work on your remote files and programs without the hassle of setting up Microsoft RD Gateway or VPN tunneling. There is no hardware requirement either, so there is zero manual configuration required.

  • Cost-effective
  • Pay only for the computers you access. Remote Desktop does not require RDP license purchases from the Domain controller, expensive network maintenance, or hardware purchase / setup.

  • End-to-end Encrypted
  • The remote sessions are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring your data is secure and protected. Two-step verification, trusted devices, and Single Sign-On (SSO) provide additional access-level security.

  • User Management
  • Add users to your Remote Desktop account and manage their access rights via the centralized web application. You can also temporarily disable user accounts or restrict their access to computers.