Real-time screen sharing

    Share the screen of your Android mobile device and Chromebook with any other mobile, desktop, or web browser.

    Copy-paste text

    Effortlessly copy text from remote Android mobile or Chromebook and paste on your local mobile device or computer.


    RemotePC uses TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption for transferring data between the devices; the Personal Key acts as an additional layer of security.

    Getting started

    Install RemotePC host

    Install the RemotePC host on your Android device or Chromebook.


    Configure device

    Set up your device for remote access.

    Establish remote connection

    Connect to your device from anywhere in the world.

    * Note:

    • Remote control is supported if the device runs on Android 8 OS or above. On-screen keyboard is supported only for Samsung devices. Chromebooks can be accessed in View-only mode.
    • Copy-paste text is not supported for Android 10 OS or above.