Fast Remote Desktop

Access your RDP-based Windows computers and servers for remote work, remote learning, and work-from-home initiatives.

24/7 Remote Access

Access your remote PCs and servers anytime, stay on top of your tasks, and get your work done without delay.

File Transfer

Switch multiple files and folders between your local and remote computers. Access all your documents from anywhere.

Remote Apps

Directly access any of the apps installed on your remote computer, without accessing the entire remote machine.

Remote Printing

Print remotely stored documents, PDFs, images, and other files using your local printers.

Multi-access Sessions

Establish simultaneous remote connections to one computer/server from multiple Remote Desktop viewers.

Device Redirection

Access local devices and resources such as drives, printers, smart cards, video-capturing devices, and PnP devices in remote sessions.

Access via Agent Installation

Remotely access PCs via agent installation. Skip configuring Microsoft RD Gateway, VPN tunneling, and firewall changes.

Remote Deployment

Deploy the Remote Desktop agent on multiple computers via Microsoft Group Policy using the MSI and MST files.

VPN Alternative

Remotely access your files and run programs as all processing occurs on your remote computer, reducing the high bandwidth and maintenance requirements of VPN.

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end encrypted Microsoft RDP connection ensures your remote sessions are protected and data is secure in transit.

Multi-Monitor Support

Easily work on multiple screens of your remote computers. View them all together or switch between multiple monitors on a single screen.

Send Key Combinations

Send keyboard shortcuts to the remote computer when working on a remote session.

Two-factor Authentication

Secure your Remote Desktop account with an additional verification code, along with your account password.

Trusted Devices

Add trusted devices and eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

User Management

Add users to your Remote Desktop account and manage their remote access rights via the web application.

Remote Reboot

Reboot your remote computers from the Remote Desktop viewer or the web application.


Switch on your offline remote computers through the local network from anywhere.

Logs and Reports

Monitor your remote desktop and server access with ease. Track the web and remote activity logs and generating reports.

Flexible and Scalable

Connect to your Windows computers and servers from any PC or Mac computer and scale up as per your business requirement.


We assist businesses across the world using our remote access solution, to meet regulatory compliance governing their industry.

Remote desktop access just got simpler!