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Alternative to VPN and Microsoft RD Gateway

Avoid the cumbersome configuration and expensive maintenance involved with VPN and Microsoft RD Gateway. Access RDP based computers and servers, behind a NAT gateway, by installing the Remote Desktop agent. Set up remote desktop access in a few simple steps, then sign in with the Remote Desktop viewer and access your remote PCs anytime and from anywhere.

What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is a communication protocol for accessing a remote computer. Developed by Microsoft, it is the most commonly preferred protocol for Windows operating systems.

Remote Desktop - An Overview

  • Quick remote access

    Install the agent on your PCs and enable their remote access. Sign in to the Remote Desktop viewer and click 'Connect' against the required PC.

    Remote desktop
  • Manage computers

    Manage all your configured computers and access them from anywhere via the web application.

    Remote desktop
  • Manage users

    Add, cancel, and delete users under the 'User Management' section of the web application.

    Remote desktop
  • Configure security settings

    Set up two-step verification for your account or add your computers as trusted devices.

    Remote desktop
  • Monitor activities

    Keep track of all account activities and remote access sessions with detailed activity and access logs.

    Remote desktop