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RemotePC (Remote Desktop) as collaboration solution for architects

Establish remote desktop connection to high end workstations and work on resource intensive softwares

  • Remote access for architect firms - Make it possible for the architects and designers of your organization to connect to their workstation from home for boosting productivity and optimum client satisfaction. Add up multiple computers to a single account by deploying the application remotely, assign users, and monitor all account activities remotely.
  • Remote access for exterior and interior designers - Connect to your remote system and seamlessly use various rendering software, 3D modeling programs, video editing applications required for home designing. Get easy access to all the resources of your workstation to execute complex projects from home, any remote location, or even when you are on the go.
  • Remote access for CAD/CAM civil engineers - Set remote connections with single or multiple computers on your workstation at a time. Enjoy flexibility and freedom of accessing powerful CAD and CAM software from anywhere, anytime. With high-performing remote access you can easily run HD applications, high-end 3D designs, graphics and animations with audio, and more.
  • Remote access for support professionals -Enable on-demand remote support for your architecture professionals via RemotePC HelpDesk. Technicians can view the computer remotely or access it in order to resolve the issues. Guide the user by interacting using audio-video or text-based chat.

Accomplish architecture and designing projects from anywhere with RemotePC

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