Why RemotePC™ is better: RemotePC™ Microsoft RDP
    Why RemotePCtrade; is better: RemotePC™ Microsoft RDP
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    "RemotePC is affordable but does't skimp on quality"
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    4 Out of 52022
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    "Simple, secure and effective cloud-hosted remote support."
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    5 Out of 52020
    Cost-effective right
    RemotePC provides cost effective, secure, software-based remote access
    Complex & expensive to setup and manage; manual security updates; requires company-issued device; facing constant user support challenges
    Performance right
    Provides near-real-time response at most locations
    Slower than RemotePC; Streaming video & RDP support for Mac is weak#
    Online meetings and video conferences right
    RemotePC Meeting provides powerful video conferencing tools to host and attend meetings from anywhere video sharing
    No option for online meetings
    Access via web right
    Use Viewer Lite to connect to remote computers from right within a browser, with no software installation
    No option for access via web
    Session recording right
    No option to record remote sessions
    Disable/enable file transfer and remote printing right
    Available for Enterprise users
    No option to disable/enable file transfer and remote printing
    Functions and utilities right
    Supports file transfer, lock keyboard/mouse, chat, recording, and more
    The MS native RDP client features limited built-in tools
    Session logs right
    Easy to understand logs for remote session and web activities
    Logs are not user friendly
    Software update right
    Automatic checks for software updates
    Compatibility issues with different versions of VPN client and RDP
    Ease of use right
    Click and connect to configured devices
    Connecting to remote computers is complex
    Any device and BYOD support right
    Use any personal device, including PC, Mac, Linux machine, Android and iOS tablets, smartphones, Chromebook for remote access
    Recommended to use only with company-issued device to ensure security
    Cross-platform compatibility right
    Remote to any Windows PC, Mac, and Linux machine
    RDP is best suited only for Windows
    Add multiple users simultaneously right
    Easily add multiple users simultaneously using CSV
    Time-consuming and difficult process for IT
    Centralized user management right
    Easily organize users into group from the centralized web console
    Requires setting up VPN user/group management and also RDP user/group management, resulting in redundant work; lack of centralized monitoring of users
    No VPN gateway requirement right
    RemotePC is a software based remote access solution
    Requires setting up & managing VPN gateway for each office and upgrades for VPN CPU/memory in case of overload
    Optimal network traffic utilization right
    Personal and business users use home and corporate bandwidth, thus avoiding any network congestion
    Users require VPN hence all personal traffic is routed through the corporate network, creating congestion. Disabling split-tunneling reduces productivity; enabling split-tunneling increases risk

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    # Performance results are based on feedback from internal tests and professional reviews.