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VPN alternative - RemotePC (Remote Desktop)

VPN or RemotePC remote desktop - Which is ideal for remote working?

In recent times, the global business fraternity witnessed a paradigm shift towards remote working. Organizations need tools to facilitate secure and fast access for employees to business resources and data to drive productivity in a remote working environment. Read on to know how RemotePC allows users to seamlessly work from home without slow VPN connections or security issues getting in the way.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a service that enables users to access data from a public network by creating a private network within it. This facilitates secure shared access to the resources on the private network for all connected devices.

In a VPN setup, significant bandwidth is consumed to transfer files between the user computer and the remote network, so users can access those resources. As the data is not compressed or optimized, databases and software applications that require large bandwidth and high speed connectivity also experience lag over a VPN. Printing files on VPN requires users to navigate through firewalls, driver configurations and settings.

VPN also involves overhead costs of maintaining dedicated server and storage systems.

RemotePC for reliable work from home

RemotePC's remote access is a cost-effective and practical alternative to VPN since it is easy to install and configure, manage, and scale.

Computers can be accessed from anywhere, anytime; users can see and work on remote computers as if they were sitting right in front of it. Most of the processing is done on the remote computer, which reduces bandwidth consumption and makes the remote connections faster. Users can access network resources, databases, software, over any type of connection without consuming high bandwidth.

RemotePC is a cloud-based remote access solution which does not require any additional infrastructure.

Why RemotePC™ is a better VPN alternative?

Enhanced security, ease of use and installation, and powerful utilities in RemotePC
  • Private and safe - Establish secure connections with TLS v 1.2/AES 256 encryption, device and browser authentication, and two-factor authentication.
  • Instant remote access - Get started in no time once you download the app and configure your computer for anywhere remote access.
  • Multi-monitor - Work with multiple monitors of the remote computer; view all screens at the same time, or view individual monitors.
  • Whiteboard - Collaborate over brainstorming sessions by drawing on the remote screen.
  • Play sound remotely - Listen to audio files from the remote computer on your local computer.
  • Built-in tools - Supports drag and drop files, lock keyboard/mouse, chat, recording, online meeting, live video sharing, automatic checks for software updates, and more.
  • Remote access for teams - Invite users and define their roles, organize computers, and provide remote deployment.

Easier and faster remote desktop access, management, and support with RemotePC

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