Effortlessly establish a remote support session directly from a Freshdesk ticket

RemotePC® HelpDesk has now been integrated with Freshdesk Support! Starting a remote support session to your customer's computer from within Freshdesk Support platform is now a matter of a few clicks.

Key Features

Unlimited, attended remote support for your customers.

Connect to their PC or Mac via any web browser to deliver quick support.

Transfer files, communicate via chat, use whiteboard, record remote sessions, and more.

Secure remote sessions with TLS v 1.2 / AES - 256 bit encryption.

HelpDesk Remote Support Solution

Avail the RemotePC HelpDesk app for free in the Freshdesk Marketplace and let your technicians start a remote support session to access your customer's computer from within the Freshdesk Support platform.

Get an effective remote support solution with RemotePC HelpDesk featuring near-real-time screen replication. The RemotePC HelpDesk integration allows you to merge Freshdesk ticketing flow with HelpDesk for delivering immediate customer support.

Quickly launch a remote support session from within Freshdesk tickets. Collaborate with the customers in real-time by sharing the session link and remotely view or access their screen to resolve their concerns.