Troubleshooting simplified for businesses and MSPs

  • Customer Support

    Provide effective customer service via remote desktop software from anywhere. Get up to 60 FPS speed when connecting via desktop.

  • IT Help Desks

    Your IT Help Desk can resolve customer issues and speed up resolution time with instant assistance, using remote desktop support software.

  • Computers and Mobiles

    Remote into customers computers or iOS and Android devices from anywhere.

Why RemotePC® HelpDesk?

  • Remote assistance

    • With an email invite or session code, establish an ad-hoc remote session at request for quick fix.
    • Get near 60 FPS speed during sessions via desktop; use in-session chat, access multiple monitors, receive files, lock computer, etc.,
  • Security

    • Industry standard TLS v1.2 and AES 256 bit encryption ensures secure remote sessions.
    • Verify sign-ins via additional one-time code sent to email for two-factor authentication.
  • Simple to use

    • Technicians can log into their accounts from any device or web browser to provide remote support.
    • Privacy-focused cross platform remote desktop support software.

Download HelpDesk

Connect to customers PC or Mac using your computer

System Requirements

Establish secure, web-based, on-demand connections, manage service requests and technicians all in one place

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    On-demand Connections

    Establish remote support sessions with customer's PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers.

  • helpdesk_screen4

    Share your Screen

    For any demo or additional assistance, share your screen with the customers.

  • helpdesk_screen4

    Video Call

    Use video call to interact with customers and provide effective resolution.

  • helpdesk_screen3

    Scheduled Sessions

    Connect with customers at their convenience by scheduling the connection invitation.

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    Mobile Support

    Provide remote support on the go from your iOS or Android devices.


Remote into mobile devices

Provide remote support for customers mobile specific issues. Remotely control or troubleshoot their iOS or Android device from anywhere.

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