Safeguard critical Google Workspace Data

    Google Workspace Backup offers a broader range of backup and recovery solutions as opposed to the traditional Google Vault that can only secure Gmail and Drive data. Backup and restore all your Google Workspace data including Gmail, Drive, Shared Drives, Contacts, Calendar, etc., and secure the data against unprecedented data loss or malware threats.

    Reduced business downtime with faster data recovery

    Granular-level data recovery

    Recover Google Workspace data incrementally to avoid data duplicacy.

    Point-in-time data restore

    Restore a recent version of your uncorrupted data with the help of Snapshots that stores backed up data in versions.

    Restore user data

    Recover user data without altering the original data structure of your local machine.

    Easy to use

    With easy and quick installation, recover the full Google Workspace suite data from the cloud.