Why do I need to secure Google Workspace data?

    Saas applications including Google Workspace are highly susceptible to ransomware threats. Having a strong Google Workspace backup and restore platform is crucial to ensure the data safety of your organization-wide database. Google Workspace backup offers a comprehensive backup and recovery including continuous backups to point-in-time data restore.

    Centralized backup management to protect your Google Workspace data against Ransomware

    Automated backup

    Safeguard your Google Workspace data with three daily automatic backups that run as per pre-defined schedules.

    Snapshots data recovery

    Your Google Workspace data is captured as versions using the Snapshots feature. Perform point-in-time recovery in case of ransomware attacks.

    Data security

    Secure your data with SOC 2 Type II level compliance and AES-256 bit encryption. Rest assured, your data is safe and available for restore.