Restore Microsoft 365 full suite data

    Recover your Microsoft 365 data using snapshots-based restore and full data recovery. Safeguard your data against accidental data loss, app outages, third-party integration failures, or malware attacks.

    Comprehensive data restore and security

    Quick restore

    With Microsoft 365 Backup, you can restore your data immediately or whenever you wish to restore.

    Snapshots-based restore

    Recover your non-corrupted version of your Microsoft 365 data with Snapshots-based restore.

    Easy data restore

    Restore your uncorrupted Microsoft 365 data in two ways: Full-suite download or via granular restore.

    Non-destructive restore

    Restore your Microsoft full suite data from the cloud without overwriting your existing SharePoint data from the targeted URL.

    Ransomware protection

    A copy of your backed up data is stored on the cloud in its original format to ensure you don’t lose data due to ransomware.