Data security of your Microsoft applications against ransomware

    Ransomware attacks on SaaS applications restrict access to data, and may even erase business-level critical data. Hence, it is essential to protect your Microsoft Office 365 data. With features like point-in-time, independent, granular-based restore, Microsoft Office 365 Backup and recovery solution offers a comprehensive data restore solution for your Microsoft Office 365 business data.

    Safeguarding your Microsoft Office 365 data is the best defense against ransomware

    Microsoft Office 365 full-suite data security

    Protect OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and other Microsoft Office 365 enterprise data against data loss.

    Direct Microsoft Office 365 Backup and restore

    Secure Microsoft Office 365 data against accidental deletion or any other data loss by storing the latest backup of your data on cloud.

    Granular recovery

    Restore Microsoft Office 365 data entirely or in stages without altering the underlying data framework.

    Point-in-time data restore

    Restore a recent uncorrupted version of your data during any security breach via the snapshots-based data storage.

    Minimize business operational disruptions

    With continuous backups, granular recoveries, and strong encryption, reduce business downtime and risk of data loss.

    Encryption-based storage

    Secure your data against unauthorized access with 256-bit AES encryption and advanced data storage centers.