Protect your Microsoft 365 personal account data

    Backup and recover your Microsoft 365 personal account data including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and OneDrive data. Secure all types of data including documents, excel sheets, media files, emails, calendar, and contacts. Access and restore the data from any device easily.

    A comprehensive backup solution for your Microsoft 365 Personal accounts

    Scheduled Automatic Backups

    With 3X automatic backups, your personal data will be secure against accidental deletion, data corruption or data loss.

    Independent backup and restore

    Without any dependency on your Microsoft 365 account, you can restore your backed up data directly from the cloud.

    Data retention

    Microsoft 365 Backup provides multiple automated snapshots of your data ensuring continuous data protection.

    Granular recovery

    Restore specific data including documents, media files, emails, etc., all at once or as required with granular-based data restore.

    Strong encryption

    Protect your data with automated backups, AES 256-bit data encryption and point-in-time restore with snapshots.

    Restore accidentally deleted data

    You can restore an uncorrupted version of accidentally deleted data and download them to your device.

    Getting Started

    • Microsoft 365 Backup

      Click 'Microsoft 365'.

    • Microsoft 365 Backup

      Enable backup for your Microsoft 365 account.

    • Microsoft 365 Backup

      OneDrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and data will be backed up.

    • Microsoft 365 Backup

      Restore your backed up Microsoft 365 Personal data from a centralized web console.