Single Sign-On with OneLogin

HelpDesk users can access their accounts via Single Sign-On (SSO). Admin of the accounts can choose a SAML 2.0 identity provider (IdP) to log in to your HelpDesk account without the hassle of a password.

To setup Single Sign-On (SSO) with OneLogin, the admin needs to:

Create an app on OneLogin Console

To use OneLogin as an identity provider for SSO, you need to create an app on OneLogin console.

To create the app,

  1. Login to the OneLogin console using your OneLogin account credentials.
  2. Click 'Administration' on the top right corner to view your admin console.
  3. Select 'Applications' from the top menu.

    Helpdesk SSO
  4. Click 'Add App' and search for 'RemotePC HelpDesk', then click the app to add.

    Helpdesk SSO
  5. Click 'Save' to add the RemotePC HelpDesk app to your 'Application list'.

    Helpdesk SSO
  6. Go to 'SSO' tab.

    Helpdesk SSO
  7. Click 'View details' to obtain the X.509 certificate. Save it as you would need to add them to your HelpDesk account.

    Helpdesk SSO
Assign technicians to the app

To enable SSO for technicians, admin needs to assign technicians to the app created on OneLogin console.

To assign technicians to the OneLogin app,

  1. Navigate to the OneLogin admin console and select 'Users' from the top menu.

    Helpdesk SSO
  2. Click on the user you would like to add to the app or click 'New User' to add a new user profile and click 'Save User'.

    Helpdesk SSO
  3. On the user profile, go to the 'Applications' tab and click to select the app from the drop-down list and click 'Continue'.

    Helpdesk SSO
  4. Verify the 'NameID value' and click 'Save'.

    Note: The 'NameID value' needs to be an email address.

    Helpdesk SSO
Configure HelpDesk account for Single Sign-On (SSO)

Admin needs to add the received SAML 2.0 URLs and X.509 Certificate in the Single Sign-On application to their HelpDesk account via the web interface.

To configure SSO,

  1. Login to HelpDesk via web browser.
  2. Click the username displayed on the top-right corner and click 'My Account'.
  3. Click 'Single Sign-On'.
  4. Enter a name for your SSO profile.
  5. Enter the 'Issuer URL', 'SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Login URL' and add the 'X.509 Certificate' received from your newly created app on OneLogin console.

    Note: For X.509 certificate, select 'View Details' and click to copy. Paste it to the 'X.509 Certificate' field on HelpDesk.

    Helpdesk SSO
  6. Click 'Configure Single Sign-On'.

You will receive an email when SSO is enabled for your account.